Vision Of The Eternity City

The Vatican From St.Peter's Dome

Vision Of The Eternity City

If you are able bodied and in good health – all you need is the mental strength and stamina to make the pilgrimage to the top of the St.Peter’s Basilica by climbing about 320 steps. Do not let the claustrophobic one way passageways, slanted staircase around the cupola and tourists going the wrong way down (pretty awkward) plus of course those aforementioned 320 steps deter you. Boy…is the view worth it!

Buildings in Rome cannot be higher than the St.Peter’s dome – so you will be at the highest point in Rome and Vatican. St.Peter’s square is a sight to behold but try to find the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and almost all of the great sites of Rome from here.

Whether you come here for religion,photography,history,art,food or just plain curiosity- watching the Eternity City on Seven Hills from this vantage point will definitely be a memory you truly cherish.

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