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Big Wild Goose Buddhist Pagoda

Pilgrim's Library

Xi’an is mainly famous for its Terracotta warriors but that’s not the only reason to experience this ancient capital of China.

People might be surprised but there were other famous travelers before Anthony Bourdain and Samantha Brown (or even Raj) and some of the most interesting parts of history have been cataloged by these travelers. If the west had Marco Polo, the east had Xuanzan (more famously known as Hsuan Tsan in South Asia).

These travelers gave a different perspective to the official and unofficial local historians of the day. Marco Polo traveled to China and the far east and Xuanzan traveled (more as a pilgrimage) to India during the classic Tang Dynasty and famously documented his adventures. After he got back he was responsible for building the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xian to store all the precious Buddhist religious texts and artifacts he collected from Buddhist India.

It makes sense that now people all over the world do their own pilgrimage to his beautiful ancient Pagoda.

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