Simulated Refraction

The Bund Tunnel

Simulated Refraction

The Huangpu river flows through Shanghai-in a manner similar to the Thames in London and the Seine in Paris. The most interesting section is the former International Settlement called the ‘Bund’ area facing the uber modern Pudong section of the city.

You can take a fancily decorated ferry (or the more modest local commuter one) to go to the other side. Another option would be the very psychedelic Bund Tunnel train. A very touristy thing to do but hey….we are tourists.

A short ride of five minutes or so brings you to the Pudong side where you can view the historical buildings from the more contemporary side. Though this view might not be as glitzy, it is definitely more quieter and comparatively relaxed.

A great place to enjoy a nice cup of coffee, a cold beer or a more traditional Chinese tea.

What would you have chosen?

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